Alt Balance, well-being
and delicacy
Your hygiene deserves the best! Buy our products for your hygiene!

Body creams designed and created to give you a pampering treat with each use. Nourishing creams enriched with natural and nourishing ingredients. Treat yourself to deep hydration for velvety soft-touch skin. Treat yourself to a moment of pure pleasure and let your skin shine!

Discover all our body products!

Explore our range of products for your personal hygiene. Our products offer you freshness and daily care, providing delicate and safe solutions for all the family. Feel protected and also take care of those around you with products specifically designed for daily well-being:

  • For your oral hygiene : everything for your oral hygiene in one place. Take care of your teeth and prevent tooth decay and pigmentation. Enjoy your fresh breath and beautifully white teeth with our products.
  • Hygiene for the whole family : our detergents are essential cosmetic products to guarantee daily body hygiene and therefore also to ensure balance and well-being throughout the day.
  • Care for your hair : our hair products are designed to provide a complete treatment to all those with weak, brittle or thinning hair. Their triple action fortifies, revitalizes and tones the scalp.
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